Deadpool Will Be in the X-Force Movie

Deadpool will reportedly be in the upcoming X-Force movie.

In an interview with Deadline, X-Men series producer and writer Simon Kinberg revealed that both Deadpool and Cable will play some role in the X-Force film. Though, Kinberg didn’t share how big of a presence both characters will have in the movie.

“We are working hard on New Mutants, Gambit with Channing Tatum, Deadpool 2 and the new X Force movie where Deadpool is alongside Cable and other main characters,” Kinberg said.

It was recently reported work on X-Force has been moving along, and that both Joe Carnahan (The Grey, Uncharted) and Ryan Reynolds himself have been co-writing the script. Nearly a year ago, Reynolds said making an X-Force film was his top priority. The actor also wants the movie to follow in the footsteps of Dead...

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Deadpool 2: Cable Actor Josh Brolin Trolls Ryan Reynolds

Josh Brolin is preparing for his role as Cable in Deadpool 2 the best way he knows how, by trolling Ryan Reynolds.

Brolin shared a pair of pre-production photos on Instagram where the actor is undergoing prep for the make-up and prosthetics he will require in the sequel. Some of the hashtags he used (uh, “#ryanreyondsismybitch”…) indicates that Deadpool shouldn’t be taking the grumpy time-traveling mutant (and son of Cyclops in the comics) lightly. Check out the photos below.

After several actors were rumored for the role of Cable, Brolin was cast as the mutant and signed a four-film deal with Fox to play the character. The four-picture deal will most likely extend beyond Deadpool-centric films, as X-Men series producer and writer Simon Kinberg has said that both Deadpool and Cable wil...

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Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga May Be Coming to 3DS

The 2003 Game Boy Advance RPG Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga could be coming to Nintendo 3DS, as new evidence has surfaced to suggest a DX version is on the way.

As reported by Kotaku, dataminer SciresM claimed to have discovered information regarding Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX in a 3DS database last week, and has since dug up an icon of the alleged game, which he posted on Twitter:

Ha, Nintendo finally fixed their leaky metadata server. Might as well post everything I’ve got. Attached: ML:SSDX, Ever Oasis icons.

— Michael (@SciresM) May 1, 2017

It’s worth noting the Ever Oasis icon pictured alongside the one for Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga DX hadn’t been seen before this Twitter post...

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Celebrate a Monthful of Star Wars with Legoland Malaysia

Celebrate a Monthful of Star Wars with Legoland Malaysia

From Friday 28 April to 31 May, the Force returns to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort with a host of LEGO Star Wars themed activities and because it is also the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, this year’s LEGO Star Wars Days is going to be the biggest Star Wars event ever in the region.

Across 5 weekends and for as long as 34 days, intergalactic fun and games fit for the whole family will be taking place across the resort located in Johor, the southern side of Malaysia.

The Largest LEGO Star Wars Miniland ‘Live’!

Immerse yourself in the expansive Star Wars Universe through the LEGO Star Wars Miniland Model Display, built with over 1.5 million LEGO bricks and definitely the largest and only one in Asia...

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Darksiders 3 Announced – IGN First

THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games have announced that Darksiders 3 is currently in development and is scheduled to release sometime in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The game is set to be an open-world action-adventure that includes a focus on exploration and environmental puzzles, and will continue the series’ staple hack and slash combat with new protagonist, Fury.

Above: Watch the CG announcement trailer for Darksiders 3.

It’s set around the same time as the events of Darksiders 2, which was released almost five years ago, and will follow Fury’s quest to destroy unique physical versions of of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Gunfire Games’ development team includes multiple ex-Vigil Games employees who worked on Darksiders and Darksiders 2, including the Game Director, Executive Producer, Tech...

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Paladins: Champions of the Realm Open Beta Hits PS4 and Xbox One

Paladins: Champions of the Realm is now free to play on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as Hi-Rez Studios has launched a Console Open Beta for the team-based shooter.

The beta allows PS4 and Xbox One players to battle across four different game modes free of charge. To celebrate its launch, Hi-Rez Studios has released a new cinematic trailer, which you can check out:

“After welcoming more than 8.5 million PC players to Paladins, we are excited to bring console players into the Realm,” Hi-Rez Studios COO Todd Harris said.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm features 24 playable Champions, along with loads of customization. Each Champion can be adjusted to specialize in different offensive or defensive abilities...

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New The Dark Trailer Posters Released, First Trailer to Be Debuted Tomorrow

Two new posters have been released for The Dark Tower, with the film’s first trailer set to be debuted tomorrow.

Stephen King, the author behind The Dark Tower franchise, released two new character poster. The first is of The Gunslinger/Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), who can be seen wielding his two trademark six shooters, and the second is of villain Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey). Check out the posters below.

New The Dark Trailer Posters Released, First Trailer to Be Debuted Tomorrow The Dark Tower poster featuring Idris Elba’s The Gunslinger.

New The Dark Trailer Posters Released, First Trailer to Be Debuted Tomorrow The Dark Tower poster featuring Matthew McConaughey’s Man in Black.

Alongside the posters reveal, Elba and McConaughey both confirmed the first trailer for The Dark Tower will be released tomorrow via two teaser clips...

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Marvel's The Inhumans TV Series Poster Revealed

Ahead of its debut this September, the first poster for Marvel’s The Inhumans television series has been unveiled.

Marvel Entertainment released the teaser art—which prominently features Black Bolt’s symbol—in a post on Twitter, saying “Beyond humanity.” See it below:

Marvel's The Inhumans TV Series Poster Revealed Marvel’s The Inhumans poster, via Twitter

Black Bolt is played by Anson Mount, the actor best known for his role as Cullen Bohannon in the Western drama Hell on Wheels. Meanwhile, Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon plays Maximus, the “clever and charming” brother of Black Bolt who is “fiercely devoted to the people of Attilan.” The series also stars Serinda Swan as Medusa, Ken Leung as Karnak, Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon, and Mike Moh as Triton.

Marvel will debut the first two episodes of the live-action series in IMA...

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Guardians' Zoe Saldana May Have Revealed Marvel's Avengers 4 Title

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star Zoe Saldana may have revealed the title for Avengers 4.

In an interview with BBC reporter Lizo Mzimba, Saldana revealed that the Guardians of the Galaxy cast just finished filming the third Avengers film, Infinity War, and that they’ll have to come back to work on the fourth Avengers film later this year.

“I think that the Guardians just shot their part when it comes to Infinity War’ the first part,” said Saldana. “And we all have to go back for Gauntlet later this year.”

Avengers 4 title – Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet says @ZoeSaldana at GOTG2 event. At wknd Marvel said title was still secret #InfinityGauntlet

— lizo mzimba (@lizo_mzimba) April 24, 2017

It seems Avengers 4 is reportedly called Infinity Gauntlet...

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Heroes of the Storm Overhauls Progression, Adds Diablo Character in 2.0 Update

Heroes of the Storm will update and overhaul its leveling and reward systems – as well as add a new character – in an update significant enough for Blizzard to dub it “Heroes of the Storm 2.0″.

The MOBA will now feature no level cap for either player or hero levels and reward loot chests (not unlike Overwatch’s loot boxes) for every player level reached. Specific player level milestones will reward chests with guaranteed rarer items, while hero level milestones will drop chests with rewards specifically for that hero.

Existing players’ XP will be converted into the new level system, with the appropriate number of loot chests and rewards given to them immediately.

Chests can include full playable heroes, which in the past have only been unlockable through in-game or real currency...

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